Become A Sponsor With Haddis Ministries

Why sponsor?

Most of us have seen heartbreaking commercials of starving children in faraway lands or heard about sponsorship programs that help meet their needs.  We may have watched with a skeptical eye and wondered if the money sent will ever even reach those kids. We may dismiss the issue and figure that someone else will step in and take care of things because we are prone to depersonalize problems that don’t directly affect us.

But once you look into the eyes of one of these precious children, and hold them in your arms, and see their needs firsthand, it is impossible to depersonalize the problem. Or look away. Or sit idle.

Sponsorship with Haddis Ministries gives you the opportunity to change the world for a child.

We partner with Bridge of Hope Orphanage in Gondar, Ethiopia to provide improved nutrition, educational support and medical care to orphaned kids at Bridge of Hope and vulnerable children in the community.

Improved Nutrition: This provided to our infants and special needs kids through our Formula Supplementation Program.

Our older children benefit from the Faffa Breakfast Feeding Program which provides nutritionally dense pancakes especially formulated for under nourished kids each morning, Monday through Friday.

In addition to receiving nutritional support, infants and special needs children also receive diapers.

Educational Support: School aged children receive educational provisions in the form of school supplies, new backpacks, school uniforms and private school tuition when needed to attend the premier primary school in Gondar.

Medical Care: All of our sponsored children receive health maintenance services in the form of annual well check-ups and preventative care, treatment of illness, follow up for chronic conditions and referral to specialist when required.

By becoming a sponsor, you are giving your child the opportunity to stop the cycle of poverty while helping to keep families together.

Through the combined efforts of our sponsors, 64 additional children at Bridge of Hope Orphanage are also able to receive daily breakfast and new school uniforms each year. It is our dream that our sponsor children will thrive as a result of your sponsorship and grow up to positively impact their community.

Click HERE to sponsor a child with Haddis Ministries.

“We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.”

-Nelson Mandela